What is GRCarTell?

GRCarTell is a sponsored platform by Garage R Singapore to make car ownership for Garage R customers and members a smooth and enjoyable experience.

We offer Brand New cars and Used cars and we have a list of customization options for you. We dare to be different, and we are proud to be different.

Company: Garage R Pte Ltd

You can visit our main website at http://www.hks-garager.com.sg.

How does the platform work?

GRCarTell acts as a listing site for YOU to browse for New and Used cars. You can choose to consign YOUR CAR to us as well. Our team constantly works to find you the best deals on cars that you want while also helping you save money on your old cars.

Why was GRCarTell created?

Why did we make GRCarTell? It’s simple. To help you make buying and selling cars as easy as taking a walk in the park.

Our platform strives to list cars at the best prices in conjunction with an easy to use website and great customer service so that the painstaking process of owning a car becomes redundant.

Our company also wanted to extend our acclaimed workshop (HKS Technical Factory) to all of its customers. Now, buying a car with us not only ensures a great deal for you but also one that comes with a lifelong membership with a healthy car that is kept in tiptop shape by the expert hands of our mechanics.

Lastly, we wanted to give our loyal customers a listing service with someone they can trust. This means that we focus ONLY on cars serviced at Garage R to help SELLERS fetch better prices and give BUYERS the peace of mind when they buy their dream car.