Not everyone can appreciate aftermarket parts. Like this FD2R or ZC32S accessorized by a whole slew of modifications already done to them. And that is why with GRcartell, we hope to overcome this barrier that most people have.

Aftermarket parts HAVE A VALUE that is under appreciated.  So if you see a car that has higher depreciation value, don’t be alarmed. Give the car a chance because you just might fall in love with that particular “difference”. There might have been an enhancement in terms of performance, increased comfort levels, safety upgrades, or even customized looks that are sure to get heads turning. Aftermarket parts are also often misconceived as non-legal most of the times, so if you worry about the compliance issues for daily driving or inspections due, do make sure to check whether the aftermarket parts are LEGAL as well.

From exhausts to suspension kits for performance, to more aesthetic upgrades such as body kits and stylish rims, each modification has it’s purpose and it’s appeal. After all, everyone car owner has his and her own taste and preference. One might like louder exhausts and a more aggressive stance for his car, but each to his own.

At GRcartell, we want to give these cars a second chance to be owned by people who appreciate these upgrades. We are always happy to help you list your cars for sale. So shoutout to interested parties out there with their EGs, EKs, FDs, FKs, ZCs, R34/R35s, WRXs, STIs, Evos, S2000s, RX7/RX8, etc (mostly COE renewal cars by now), come down to 8 Tagore Drive #01-00 S787624 to get your cars listed now!