All around the world, the Suzuki Swift Sport has become a global icon from the Suzuki manufacturers. From the infamous ZC31S that introduced another level of Fun & Spirited Driving back 10 years ago, to the ZC32S that kept pushing boundaries for track and lap timings… the baton has been successfully passed on to the all new ZC33S to continue the legacy.
At Garage R, we are proud that we are the FIRST and ONLY ones in Singapore to put the latest Brand New Suzuki Swift Sport (ZC33S) on the road! We are intending to spearhead many exciting things for this model because this car has become the highlight for many autoshows around the world, and has quickly become the best seller in Japan and Australia.
We are also the Official & Exclusive Distributors of HKS, the world’s LARGEST aftermarket distributor, having spanned across 5 continents with multiple dealers all over the world. We are proud to say that this partnership with HKS has allowed us to package such cars with aftermarket parts, giving customers the ability to customize their cars with us without getting their warranty voided.
Who said you can’t get the best of both worlds? A fun-filled brand new car that boasts a 1.4 turbo boosterjet engine (140bhp) that weighs less than a ton, combined with a comprehensive list of HKS parts to become THE POCKET ROCKET THAT IT SHOULD BE. Also, we went to the Tokyo Auto Salon 2018 and we were surprised to see Monster, Cusco, Greenline and other big Motorsports names with their very own Swift Sport Project car. HKS Japan has announced that there will be whopping 400 horsepower Swift Sport that will released very soon as well.
For the current owners of the Suzuki Swift Sport, congratulations on your purchase and we can guarantee that this journey with your car will be an exhilarating ride. For future owners, we welcome you to drop us an email at to express your interest. For fellow workshops/ car dealers/ third party vendors who are looking to do something exciting with us, feel free to drop us an email as well. With that, let us begin our Suzuki Swift Sport story.