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10 out of 10 people will ask. What is the difference between the Suzuki Swift and the Suzuki Swift Sports? For one, it is a totally different car. Let’s dive in on the specifics and the comparisons!

1. Performance

The Suzuki Swift Sport packs a punch, with the 1.4 litre K14C Booster Jet Turbo Engine as compared to the 1.0 litre Booster Jet Turbocharged Engine on the regular Swift. The 4-cylinder in-line 16 valve DOHC engine is sure to get your pulse racing and temperature rising. With an 80kg lighter total kerb weight, it produces 230NM of torque and boosts a staggering 138BHP. The Swift on the other hand, is a 3-cylinder 12 valve Turbo engine that commands 160NM of torque and 109BHP. While there is certainly much more power and performance of the Suzuki Swift Sport, it’s sophisticated wastegate valve control constantly monitors boost pressure to minimise your fuel consumption while cruising as well. Who said you can’t get the best of both worlds?


2. Exterior

Both the Suzuki Swift Sport and Swift have been handed the Good Design Award of 2017 because of its hot hatched design. However, the Suzuki Swift Sport would add to that aesthetic by including carbon side skirts, carbon front lip and carbon rear diffuser. The more aggressive styling and striking new front grille separates the Suzuki Swift Sport from the regular Swift with a more simplistic look. The Suzuki Swift Sport also has larger wheels and hubs to improve handling and high-speed performance. Let’s not forget the signature head-turner “Championship Yellow” colour that is only available for the Suzuki Swift Sport.

3. Interior

The interior of the Suzuki Swift Sport accentuates the heat going on by lavishing red accents across the door trims, dashboard, fuel and speed gauges, together with the red cross-stitching on the sporty bucket seats and D-shaped steering wheel with an added ultra-secure grip. As compared to the regular Swift that portrays a more simplistic design, the Swift Sport’s bold garnish matches sport with style. The bigger and integrated information display on the instrumental panel for the Suzuki Swift Sport features new boost and oil gauges for performance as well. Immerse yourself in the fiery cockpit experience and take the wheel today.